Ideab Project AS is an international engineering design company working in the area of innovative construction technologies developed in Germany.

Ideab Project AS is the only authorised engineering representative of the largest international group company ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme in the CIS countries and is rated as the top company having the highest-calibre technical experts in ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme.

During the 10 years in business the Company has proved to be a professional team with large international practical experience in design and construction, capable of solving the most complicated and offbeat tasks on construction facilities of different levels of complexity.

Ideab Project AS has successfully implemented more than 200 projects in CIS and EU countries.

The results of the long experience have demonstrated that design calculations done by our specialists in the business planning stage are very accurate.
Materials initially selected for a sporting facility project have minimum upkeep costs.
Our Company has own best practices; we use the world best practices in project design, and we also take into account specific conditions of the local area.

The multifaceted procedure produces excellent results, namely minimum construction time, favourable prices, construction facility operational efficiency.

The following offbeat construction facilities unusual in the world practice can be ex aequo et bono listed as Company highest achievements:

The third largest in the world in-house ski slope used all year-round with artificial snow installed on metal trusses with a maximum height of 97 meters in Moscow, Russia.  The engineering and technical design has been provided.
The only one in the world Sports and Leisure Centre, Norilsk-Arena, being built beyond the Arctic Circle on the permafrost in Norilsk, Russia.  The Company provides engineering design and supervision.

Energy efficiency is a key priority and integral part of the advanced technologies used by engineering and technical personnel of Ideab Project. Implementation of German innovative designs customised for local conditions and adjusted for effective energy consumption has demonstrated quick returns on investment, enhanced operational parameters for power supply systems, positive effects for environment and community.