Hi-Tech house

Ideab Project Eesti AS has developed and tested an energy-efficient Hi-Tech house design for cottages and multi-storey buildings. The design reduces heating expenses by about 60-70% versus a standard building. All engineering systems in the building are designed to work with maximum efficiency. Energy saving design provides savings and comfort without compromising the quality of service owing to special building materials and electronic devices. The building is designed to reduce heat losses to the ambient to minimum.

The advantages of the proposed building design are as follows:

  1. light-weight structure;
  2. high quality of construction work owing to the correct choice of the primary building materials;
  3. multifold reduction of construction time
  4. reduction of major construction work expenses;
  5. additional energy savings when buildings are in operation;
  6. high level of hygiene;
  7. off-the-shelf wall and roof cladding;
  8. opportunities for building expansion and quick remodelling;
  9. exclusive appearance of the structures;
  10. longevity of the buildings and structures.

The cost-effective construction practices have been tested on many structures in Baltic and CIS area and meet all construction integrity and fire safety requirements.